This Crescent Grove gatekeeper wants his active PMs ‘extremely active’

Published: January 26, 2024

Krei cited the alternative universe’s success relative to traditional markets in 2022 as an indicator that alts can play an important role in a successful investment strategy.

‘You still had really resilient performance within a lot of alternative sectors (in 2022),’ he said. ‘You had some different hedge fund strategies that held up quite well in that environment. It was a case study in how alternatives can be beneficial for portfolios.’

While Krei is focused on actively managed alternative ventures, he’s increasingly more bullish on passively managed ETFs when evaluating more mainstream opportunities.

‘On the traditional side, we’ve gone way more passive over the last few years,’ he said.
Krei spoke of a commonly recommended core-satellite portfolio consisting of approximately 75% passive tax-efficient funds with the rest allocated to highly active management.

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