5 Ways To Kick Retirement Overspending

AARP | August 28th, 2023

There’s also a potential psychological fallout to frittering away your nest egg too quickly, says Robert Peterson, senior wealth advisor at Crescent Grove Advisors. “Having adequate savings provides a feeling of security,” says Peterson. “If you are constantly running up credit card debt and barely making debt payments, you are adding a huge amount of...

The Ins And Outs Of The ‘1035 Exchange’

Financial Advisor Magazine | August 4th, 2023

But you don’t have to jettison the entirety of the old policy. “Most clients think of this as an all-or-nothing type of scenario. It isn’t,” said Robert Peterson, senior wealth advisor at Crescent Grove Advisors in Lake Forest, Ill. You could, for instance, replace only a portion of a life policy’s value, or transfer out...

Half Year in Review: Top 10 Articles Of the First Half Of 2023

Wealth Solutions Report | July 18th, 2023

Years from now, the banking crisis precipitated by the failure of Silicon Valley Bank will stand out as one of the key memorable events of the first half of 2023. We covered multiple aspects of this story, including a popular interview with Andrew Krei, Co-CIO of Crescent Grove Advisors, in which Krei analyzed and predicted the...

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