Clients Ranting About Politics? Here’s How Financial Advisors Change the Subject.

Published: March 28, 2024

Bob Peterson, senior wealth advisor, Crescent Grove Advisors: The most important thing I’ve learned over the years is to first listen to the client to see what they’re saying. And the second part of that is the old sales tactic “know ‘no.’” So when you’re listening, you’re trying to understand, are they concerned? Are they venting? Or are they just looking for agreement?

Is it really the election that they’re worried about? Is it the president? Or is it their portfolio? So trying to get to the deeper reason of why they’re asking and then pivoting from there. With clients who are venting, a lot of times they want someone to vent to, and your job is to listen, tell them you understand, acknowledge that it’s a messy climate, and they’re not crazy that, yeah, it could get bumpy along the way. But then, of course, your job is to reassure them, turn to facts and remind them that, hey, the market’s been up in 20 of 24 election cycles for president. It’s about bringing them back to reality without getting political.

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